Waterfront Activities


Taylor County is one of the few places in Florida where you can harvest your own scallops. You’ll find scalloping opportunities along our entire coastline, including Keaton Beach, Hagen’s Cove, and Steinhatchee. This unique activity is fun for the whole family and requires minimal resources to get started. It is relatively simple, and after spending an afternoon in the water searching out scallops, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor that evening for supper.

The scallop season runs from mid-June through the first week of September. Basically, the only materials you need for scalloping are a snorkel mask, fins (or water shoes), and a mesh bag to hold your catch. Once you are geared up, you will need a boat to take you out and a diver’s flag to keep things legal (the license is relatively inexpensive and easy to acquire).

Jump on a boat with a friend or rent your own, and steer the watercraft out of the river, away from fresh water and into the grass flats. Scallops congregate in shallow water hidden in manatee and turtle grass. If you see a large group of boats in a certain area, chances are they’ve found a “sweet spot” with lots of scallops. You should have some luck around the same vicinity. If you see one scallop shell, there is bound to be more around. (Hint: Before you head out, ask around to find out where the hot spots are for the season. Word travels fast in a small town, so most of the locals that hang out at the docks and the marina employees should be in the know).